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Terms and Use

Chapter 1 General Terms

Article 1. [Purpose]

The purpose of the Terms of Use for Sanha Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) is to define the rights, obligation, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the Company and the User (Individual or Firm) regarding the use of Electronic Commerce Service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) provided by the Company. This Terms and Use is affected on all the Services provided by the Company.

Article 2. [Definitions]

The definitions of the terminology used in the Terms of Use are as follow.

1. “Service” refers to Electronic Lodging Brokerage and all other services provided by the Company. In addition, it includes providing the service through telecommunication media, which was developed or established by the third party, by using API (Application Programming Interface)that the Company opened to the public.

2. “User” refers to member or non-member who uses the service provided by the Company.

3. “Member” refers to a user who signs an agreement for use with the Company in accordance with this Terms of Use, and uses the Service provided by the Company.

4. “Non-member” refers to a user who did not sign an agreement for use with the Company in accordance with this Terms of Use, and uses the Service provided by the Company.

5. “Register "refers to a user who applies to become the Member and sign an agreement for use with the Company in accordance with this Terms of Use.

6. “Membership Agreement” refers to an agreement between the Company and the applicant. “Purchase Agreement” refers to the buying and selling agreement of goods and service between the Company and the user.

7. “Password” refers to a combination of letter and number set by the Member and registered to the Company for the purpose of identity confirmation.

8. “Sale Coupon” refers to Electronic voucher that indicates the discount amount that could be deducted from the “Ticket” or “Product” purchase price.

9. “Seller” refers to a company(Privet or Firm) who provides the product or service information to the user by utilizing the Service that the Company provides.

Article 3. [Posting, Explanation and Amendment of the Agreement]

1. The Company shall post this Agreement, its business name, the place of business, the name of representative, telephone number, email address and business registration number on the first page of its website so that Users can recognize them. However, the provided Agreement contents may be seen by the Users in the page linked from the website.

2. The Company may amend the Agreement to the extent that such amendment does not violate relevant laws such as the Act on the Consumer Protection,Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, Requirements of the Electronic Document in the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Commerce Transactions Act, Digital Signature Laws, Information and Communications Network Act andFramework Act on Consumers.

3. In the event that the Company amends the Agreement, it shall announce the effective date thereof and reasons for such amendment, along with the current Agreement on the first page of the website from seven (7) days through one (1) day prior to the effective date. However, if the amendment is unfavorable to the User, the Company must post the notification thirty (30)days prior to the effective date on the first page of the website and also shall use other electronicmethod of notifications, such as electronic document or emails and consent pop-up upon log-in.

4. In the event that the Company amends the Agreement, and that there are no other unavoidable reason or related statute, such amended Agreement shall apply to agreements executed since the effective date of the amendment.And any agreement executed prior to such effective date shall be governed by a previous version of the Agreement.

5. Notwithstanding the clear statement of the Company, when it gives a notification pursuant to the previous Clause, that the Member would be deemed to have agreed with the amended Terms of Use if he/she does not express any opinion within in the affected period. If the Member does not show any disagreement explicitly, the Member shall be deemed to have agreed with the amended version of Terms of Use.

6. Any and all matters not set forth in this Agreement and construction of this Agreement or separate provision shall be governed by general custom of the trade and relevant laws such as the Act on the Consumer Protection and Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act in the Electronic Commerce Transactions.

Article 4. [Notification to User]

1. When the Company sends a notification to the User, unless described otherwise herein, the Company may send the notification (email or electronic documentincluded) to the email address, contact number or to thephysical address that was provided by the User to the Company.

2. When giving notifications to all the Users, the Company may replace the notification described in Clause 1 by putting a post on the Company’s board(Customer Service) for more than seven (7) days. However, the Company will send a notice individually when the matters are significantly affecting the Service that the User is using.

Chapter 2 Establishing and Termination of Membership Agreement

Article 5. [Entering in to Membership Agreement]

1. The agreement for use shall be entered into after the person who wishes to become the Member (the "Applicant") agrees to the Terms of Use, and applies for a membership, and the Company approves the application. However, when the Applicant is under the age of 14, the Company confirms and approve when the legal guardian agrees and submit the consent form that is attached to the Agreement.

2. Regarding the application for membership, the Company may request an authorization for identification through the competent organization.

3. The Applicant must provide personal information such as name, date of birth, gender, email address, password, contact number and physical address when applying for membership.

4. In principle, the Company shall grant the Applicant the right to use the Service. However, the Company may disallow the Applicant from using the Service, or may terminate the agreement for use afterwards in the following cases where:

(1) The Applicant used other person’s name or a name other than his/her real name.

(2) The Applicant had lost his/her membership pursuant to this Terms of Use; provided that it shall not apply in case that the Company allows re-registration.

(3) The Applicant entered false information, or did not enter the information requested by the Company.

(4) The Applicant under the age of nineteen (19) did not submit the consent formof his/her legal guardian.

(5) The Applicant terminated the membership thirty (30) days prior to submitting the application or has used the Service to pursue profit or in an illegal activity.

(6) When the Company finds that the Applicant had the intension to violate the regulations or hinder good morals and social order.

(7) An approval is impossible due to the user’s liability, or the Applicant applies for a membership while violating other related regulations.

5. The Company may delay the approval when the Service-related facilities are not enough, or there are technical or business issues.

6. In principle, the Company shall give a notification to the Applicant whenthe membership application is denied or delay the approval in accordance with Clause 4 and 5.

7. The membership agreementshall be entered into at the time when the Company displays "Membership Complete" in the application process.

Article 6. [Member’s Termination/Cancellation of Agreement]

1. The Member may request a withdrawal from his/her membership anytime and the Company shall process it in three (3) business days as set forth in the relevant laws.

2. When the member violates the agreement or in any of following cases, the Company could send avertissement (by electronic document or email) and request for rectification within two (2)weeks of finding of the violation. When the member fails to rectify within that time the Company may terminate the membership. However, when a Member is not able to exercise of the rights or is unable to perform of a duty, the Company may terminate the Membership Agreement without avertissement.

(1) When the conditions of Section 4, Article 5 occurred before or after completion of Membership Agreement.

(2) Such Member who caused the Company or any third partydirect or indirect financial loss or physical damage by using the Service that the Company provides.

(3) Such Member who infringed other’s (company or individual) rights, name, credit and profit and etc. and violates the Company’s business activities.

(4) Such Member who violates the Agreement or condition of termination clause occurs.

3. When the Member requests for withdrawal from the Membership Agreement, Company shall process it in three (3) business days as set forth in the relevant laws.

4. When the Member terminates the agreement, all the data of the Member shall be deleted except in the case where the Company holds the Member’s information following the relevant laws and privacy policy accordingly as follows:

(1) Destruction Process: the Company identifies the personal data with the reason for destruction and requests an approval from CPO (Chief Privacy Officer). After the approval of CPO the data gets deleted.

(2) Destruction Method: the Company will delete the electronic file so that it could not be reproduced. Hard copy will be shredded or incinerated.

5. When the Member withdraws from the Membership Agreement, discount coupon that was possessed by the Member will expire immediately. The Company is not liable for any financial loss due to expired coupon.

6. The termination of the Agreement will be effected when the Company indicates the notification of termination (Member Leave) to the Member.

Chapter 3. Service Use

Article 7. [Service Provide and Changes]

1. The Company provides the Member with the following services:

(1) Service provides information of Accommodation, Restaurant and other facilities

(2) Reservation (booking) service for Accommodation and restaurant

(3) Any other additional service that was developed by the Company or the services that are being provided through the alliance with other partners.

2. The Company may change all or part of services pursuant to the operational and technical necessity if there are significant reasons such as difficulty to provide smooth service due to decrease of the user and degenerated profitability.

3. If there is a change to the content of the Service or how and when to use the Service, the Company shall post the reasons of the change, the content of the Service to be changed, and the date when the changes will be effected on WCRS website (front page)at least thirty (30) days prior to the change.

4. When it is necessary, the Company may change, stop, or modify a part or all of the Free Services that the Company provides. The Company is not liable to compensate the Member for this, unless otherwise stated in the relevant laws.

Article 8. [Service and Operation Hour for Customer Service]

1. In principle, the Service is provided weekdays 9 to18.

2. The Company may temporarily stop providing the Service if there is a maintenance check, repair, replacement, breakdown, or communications cutoff of information and communications facilities like computers, and if there are other significant operational issues. In this case, the Company shall give a notification to the Member in a way set forth in Article 4 (Notification to Member). However, if the Company cannot give a notice beforehand due to unavoidable circumstances, it may notify the Member afterwards.

3. The Company may carry out a routine maintenance when it is needed for providing the Service, and the time of the maintenance shall be the time publicly announced on the service screens or pages.

Article 9. [Providing Information and Posting Advertisement]

1. The Company, through public notices, emails, SMS, telephone or by using application PUSH, may provide carious types of information recognized as necessary for the Member to use the Service. However, through email, the Member may refuse to receive the information anytime, except answers from the customer center and the trade-related information in accordance with the relevant laws.

2. The Company, regarding the Service operation, may post advertisements on the Service screen, homepage, SMS and application PUSH. However, transmission media such as email, SMS, and application PUSH, the Company must obtain informed consent according to the Information Network Act. When the Member refuse or does not consent to receive the post advertisements, then the Company should not send the advertisements. The Member who receives the emails with advertisements may refuse to receive the emails.

Article 10. [Service use & Copyright]

1. Copyright of the Service, prepare and edited works (secondary work included) provided by the Company belongs to the Company. User is prohibited to copy, transmit, publish, distribute or broadcast the works of the Company without the consent from the company.

2. When the Member posts writing, Photo, Video, File and Link and it contain mark, character, voice, sound, image and video, the Copyright of the Posting belongs to the Member.

3. When using Wings Booking Service as a Member, the Company has the right to post the postings of the Member on the Member’s Service Screen. In this case, the Company shall abide by the provisions of the Copyright Act, the Member may take action, such as deletion, exclusion from search results, and non-disclosure of the Posting through the customer center or through the management feature within the Application anytime.

4. Even without the request from the right-holder as described in the previous Clause, the Company may take temporary measures on the Posting in accordance with the relevant laws if the Posting infringes the rights, or violates any policies of the Company or relevant laws.

5. In order to promote advisable Posting culture, the Company has the right to delete certain part or replace with a mark when personal information was posted without the consent of the person.

6. The person who posts the Posting is responsible for the Posting and also has the rights to the Posting. Any information that was posted voluntarily many not be protected, therefore contemplate before posting.

7. When the Member withdraws from the Membership, the Postings that was posted by the Member will be deleted automatically.

Article 11. [Management of Posting]

1. If the Posting of the Member violates relevant laws, such as the "Information and Communications Network Act" and "Copyright Act," the right-holder may request that the Posting be taken down or be deleted pursuant to the procedures set forth in the relevant laws, and the Company shall take measures in accordance with the relevant laws.

2. Even without the request from the right-holder as described inprevious Clause, the Company may take temporary measures on the Posting in accordance with the relevant laws if the Posting infringes the rights, or violates policies of the Company or third party’s rights.

Article 12.[Discount Coupon]

1. The Company may provide Discount Coupon accordance with Service policy. Requirements for Coupon issue, expiration period, terms of use and limitation of use will be posted or notified on the Service screen.

2. Terms of Use and the limits may change accordance with the Company policies.

3. The Discount Coupon may only be used within the Service that the Company provides and may not be refund with cash or marketable securities.

4. The Company prohibits the Member from transferring, selling or providing the Discount Coupon as collateral to others.

5. Expiration period for Discount Coupon is 3month from the date of issue in principle. If the Coupon is not used within that period it will be invalidated. If the Discount Coupon was issued during the marketing promotion or was part of special promotion, the validation period will comply with its stander.

6. When the Company verified that the Member obtained or used the Discount Coupon dishonestly (such as recruiting nominators in an abnormal way) or sold it to others, the Company is entitle to retrieve the Discount Coupon, terminate the Membership agreement, claim for damages and conduct criminal prosecution.

7. Discount Coupon will invalidate automatically when the Member withdraws from the Membership agreement. Re-admission after withdrawing from the Membership will not restore Discount Coupon that was invalidated.

8. When the Member requests for purchase cancellation or refund after using the Discount Coupon, the Company shall restore and reissue the Coupon with equivalent expiration period as the one that the Member used to purchase.

Article 13.[Use Limitation of the Service]

1. The Company may restrict the use of the Service, such as permanent suspension in stages, from warning, to temporary suspension, to the agreement termination, if the Member violates the obligations of this Terms of Use or disrupts the normal operations of the Service

2. The Company may immediatelysuspend a Member permanently if the Member violates relevant laws, notwithstanding the steps taken as in the previous Clause, as in the cases where he/she illegally uses other’s name or makes a payment in other person’s name violating the "Resident Registration Act," provides illegal programs and disrupts the operation violating the "Copyright Act" and "Computer Programs Protection Act," conducts illegal communications and hacking violating the "Information and Communications Network Act," distributes malicious programs, and exceeds his/her login authority. When such Member is permanently suspended in accordance with this Article, Point and other benefits acquired by using the Service shall be lost, and the Company shall not be responsible for any compensation.

3. When the Member is suspended permanently accordance with Clause 1 or Clause 2, all the benefits retained from using the Service including Discount Coupon will invalidate. The Company will not compensate invalidated benefits.

4. The Company shall give a notification to the Member thirty (30)days prior to the restriction as described in Article 4 (Notification to Member) when restricting the use of the Service or terminating the agreement pursuant to this Article.

5. In accordance with the procedure set forth by the Company, the Member may raise objections to the restrictions of use described in Clause 1 or Clause 2 within two (2)weeks from receiving the notification. In this case, when the Company acknowledges the justification of objections, the Company shall immediately resume the use of the Service for the user.

Chapter 4 Purchase Agreement

Article 14.[Purchase Request]

1. When the User requests any purchase on the Service in following manner or in similar methods, the Company shall provide the following information in a simple form for better understanding.

(1) Searching and selecting of products or services

(2) Input of recipient name, address, phone number, email address

(3) Postterms and conditions, limitation to cancellation, changes, refund, terms for minor’s stay and additional expense list

(4) Indication agrees or disagree to the terms and condition to Clause 3

(5) Purchase request for products or service, purchase confirmation or agreement to the Company confirming

(6) Select payment method

Article 15. [Execution of Purchase Agreement]

1. The user must take following process in order to conclude Purchase Agreement.

(1) Input name and contact information

(2) Select the time for use of the product or service

(3) Post following conditions, terms and condition of the agreement, service information(included and excluded services) and additional expense list

① Notify the products or services that do not allow cancellation, changes or refund

② Notify that minor is allowed to stay only when he/she is accompanied by an adult guardian

③ Other service information

(4) Indicate consent of the user

(5) Select payment method and pay

2. When the user concludes the purchase agreement (complete the reservation) of the product or servicefollowing the process indicated on Section 1 and makes the payment, the Company will deem that the user have read and understood the terms and condition and agreed to the terms.

3. Regarding the use of accommodation facilities or restaurants all the rights and responsibility reply on accommodation facilities or restaurants. Therefore, the Company is not liable for any damage that arises.

4. The Company may provide various kinds of services based on the purchase agreement and accordance with the Company policies the Company may charge service fee.

Article 16.[Storage of Purchase Record]

Records of purchase agreement are stored for certain period of time according toElectronic commerce Consumer Protection Act.

Article 17.[Purchase Payment Method]

One or more of the following payment methods are available for the payment for the product and the services purchased in Company. The Company does not collect any additional charge for any of the payment method.

1. Phone banking, internet banking, mail banking, etc. fund transfer

2. Credit card, check (debit) card, prepaid card, etc. card payment

3. Gift card (voucher) that is recognize/honor by the Company

4. Discount Coupon

5. Other means of electronic payment method

Article 18.[ Purchase Cancellation & Refund]

1. The Company complies with Consumer Protection Act of electronic commerce and any relevant laws.

2. At the time of purchase agreement, based on the characteristics of the product or service the Company may set a separate cancellation and refund regulation and comply accordingly.

3. The Company shall process the cancellation and process the refund after confirming with the supplier. Cancellation fee may occur accordance with the Company and supplier’s cancellation and refund policy.

4. Refund method and the process time will vary according topayment method that was chosen and its cancellation and the refund policy.

5. In order to protect “Good User” the Company will restrict following users from make reservation for certain period of time or will cancel the reservation.

(1) Making the reservation in dishonest way (such as using macro)

(2) Cancelling the purchase repeatedly (purchase with intention to resell and cancel)

(3) Any other that appears to be used dishonestly

6. The Company may cancel purchase that was made by minor when there is no consent from the legal guardian. However, if the minor deceived the Company and make the Company believe that he/she has the consent from the legalguardian then there is limitation to cancellation.

7. When purchasing reserve products the payment needs to be made at the time of the reservation. When there is no vacancy or no seatsavailable the payment gets cancelled and there are no other fees to be charged. However, if the cancellation was due to the user’s change of decision then the cancellation process will follow the special stipulation that is indicated separately.

8. Any other subject regarding cancellation and refund that is not indicated in this agreement will comply with Consumer Protection Act and other relevant laws.

Chapter 5 Obligation of the Company & User

Article 19. [Obligation of the Company]

1. The Company shall not conduct a behavior that violates relevant laws, the Terms of Use, or the traditional custom, and shall make utmost efforts to provide the Service consistently and stably.

2. The Company shall have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that the Member can safely use the Service, and the Company shall publicly announce and abide by the privacy policy.

3. The Company shall compensate for the damage that may have caused by violating Labeling and Advertising Act Article 3 on product or service.

4. The Company shall not send electronic mail that contains commercial advertisement without the user’s consent.

Article 20.[Obligation of the User]

1. The Member must provide email address, password, payment method information to use the Service. The above information should not be used by third party.

2. The Member shall abide by the relevant laws, provisions of the Terms of Use, and guide for the use as well as the Company’s notices and notifications with respect to the Service, and shall not conduct behaviors that may interfere with the Company’s businesses.

3. The Member shall be prevented from doing the followings such as:

(1) Registering false information when applying for a membership or modifying information

(2) Stealing other person’s information

(3) Transmitting or posting information (such as, computer programs) other than the information designated by the Company

(4) Infringing on intellectual property rights including copyrights of the Company and a third party

(5) Damaging the reputation of the Company and a third party, or disrupting their businesses

(6) Disclosing or posting in the Service obscene or violent messages, videos, voices and other information that violates the traditional custom

(7) Using the Service for a commercial purpose without the Company’s agreement

(8) Modifying the Service by copy, disassemble or imitating

(9) Using automatic long-in program (macro) and interrupting the Company’s business activity and Service providing.

(10) Selling or purchasing of Discount Coupon

(11) Using the Company promotional events different from the intension of the event

(12) If the user use violence, threats, use of power, defamation, insult, sexual molestation (including verbal) etc. in process of using the Service (including submitting complaint about the Service)

(13) Hacking, commercial advertisement, pornographic information (providing links) posting, distribution of sound source, video, software and violating the Copyright Act are prohibited unless there is a consent from the Company.

(14) Other acts that is in violation of relevant laws and Company policies.

4. When the Member is in violation as mentioned above and it has causedthe damage,the Company is not liable for the damage. The Company is entitle to claim for damages,conduct criminal prosecution and notify relevant administrative agency.

Chapter 6 Other

1. The Company shall be exempt from any responsibility related to providing the Service in the case where the Company is unable to provide the Service due to natural disasters or any force majeure.

2. The Company shall not be responsible for Service errors occurred due to the Member’s liability.

3. The Company shall not be responsible for the credibility and accuracy of the information, documents and facts that the Member posts regarding the Service.

4.The Company shall be exempt from any responsibility when there was a trade between Members or between the Member and a third party having the Service as a medium.

5. The Company shall not be liable for the damage that is cause by discharge of personal information to others.

7. The Company and the officers and representative of the Company are not liable for damage due to the following.

(1) Provided false or incorrect information to the Company

(2) Failure during log-in or in process of using the Service

(3) Illegal log-in or using the server for illegal activity by third party

(4) Illegal interruption or suspending act of the third party during sending and receiving

(5) Damage caused by the third party using the server to send and distribute virus, spyware or malware

(6) Error, omit or deleted data

(7) Information upload and using Service between the Members may cause defamation and other criminal and civil dispute

8. The Company is not liable for not meeting the expectations of the Members regarding estimated profit nor liable for the damage that is caused by information gained through the Service.

9. The Company is not liable to any rejection to enter the room, reservation cancellation and non-refund that is cause by minor not accompanied by a legal guardian.

Article 21.[Relationship between Connected Service and Other Service]

1. Upper Service and Lower Service isconnected by hyperlink (SMS, picture, and video is part of hyper link) method, the former is called connecting service and the following is called other service.

2. The Connecting service is not liable for the product or service that other service provide autonomously.

Article 22.[Governing Law and Arbitration Clause]

1. Electronic commerce disputes that arise between the Company and the Member shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

2. Lawsuits surrounding disputes that arise between the Company and the Member shall be brought to the jurisdiction of the Company's address at the time the lawsuit is filed.

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